“If you touch a kids, it means you touch their futures,” is a simple phrase that became the handle of my career as a teacher candidate. What is the purpose of this sentence?
Before discussing further about this, I’ll tell you a little about the life of a family that almost  lost its identity.




There was a family, just call them Mr.X was blessed with 2 children, Y (12 years) and K (4 years). This family is in the elite class. Mr.X the earning a lot of money every month. Mr.X’s wife is a housewife. Daily activity of this family is so sad. Mr.X goes to work early in morning (07:00) and return is past the dinner hour (21:00). He spent around 14 hours to gather with family. Meanwhile, X’s wife who is a housewife who has 24 hours to take care of the household. However, it is unfortunate, she does not do as they should. 14 hours she spent on her home to make some gifts that will be sent in market. From the sale of that gifts, the wife make a profit of around Rp. 1 billion each month. Mr.X’ First child to go to school, while the second son just left alone all day in his the room. Due to have a maid at home, Mr.X’s wife does not bother to do the things related to the home, such as cooking, sweeping, etc.. Mr.X’s first child is now entering the stage of puberty. She is best known as an arrogant, rude, argue, would not listen to advice and criticism from others, lazy and many other things that are less good girl. While the second child who is now 4 years old not at least don’t know how to relieve themselves, feed themselves, even when he was hungry, he could not say “mom, I’m hungry”. In his mind there is only “milk”. Every day he drink milk ’til 6-7 bottle a day. While the food in the stomach does not exist. He was never allowed to play outside the house. He was given only a video game toys every day. Moreover, lately home the found “K”  was busy playing with his genitals. It was not taken seriously by his wife. Even the wife considers it as being funny. The wife then will be finished working when her husband came home. Nevertheless, there is still Mr.X who understand and give affection to her children even if only for a short time a day. Mr.X was quite keep to see the condition of her first child incredible naughty. Reprimand filed with either, but apparently it did not get a response from the child. She even get worsen. In front of him(her dad), she seems to be a diligent and good kid, but behind it is different.

That’s mostly their family’s activity for around 10 years. Indeed, the world is a lot going the example as experienced by the Mr.X out. There are even more daunting again. Around us, around this world.

We begin with a discussion of “if you touch Kid, then you touch their future”. This sentence is actually ambiguous means sentence has more than one meaning. There are two possible operating under this sentence. When we touch the kids, then we’re touching the future. “Touching the child” could mean “giving something (put on something)”. “Something” that could be “better” or “worst”

Let’s try to notice what happens to Mr.X’s first child. She was already 12 years old and well known as the girl who was arrogant, lazy, disputant, do not want to be criticized, and so rough. Judging from their daily life, from childhood relationship she and her parents do not walk properly. Moms are super-duper cool, daddy is busy working, do not give anything for which she should get in the way of age. His parents have a lot of money. What she asked for would have bought, what he’s asking for sure there. This Child become less creativity, spoiled, can not on their own, and quickly gave up. Furthermore, because the parents do not want too much trouble taking care of their children, the children become “stranded”. Children do not get affection from their parents, mind there is only the material affection. The Inner of this child became vacant, and she needs to fill that emptiness. School friends, just like the only one could fulfill what she

should have. She will pay the price for it. This means that children will do anything so could get care, loved, and being accepted in the environment. Especially at this time the child is in the stage of puberty, the stage where she was looking for her true identity. Identity would be good if the parents are able push it well too. Children become more socially bleak when he did not realize that not all friends are good friends. Bad Association also can bring to things that would not be desired.

Do not worry, mom love you, son.!

Do not blame the child, if she has bad habits. Look back what her parent has given to her. Do the parent give her the best or not?Most parents never noticed little things like this. They always assume that they are educated properly. Letting the child, hitting the child, spoke harshly, and other things. There are things that must be changed. Just try to plant a good education (authoritarian to be balanced with support) is the right way to teach child. Children also need attention, support from parents. It’s okay to spoil the child, but it’s still have a limit. Educate them well, start giving a little responsibility until they are able to hold a greater responsibility.

Their future is on the people who “give something” to them. If it’s something good, then the child will have a good future and if something is wrong, then their future will be like the one you given to them.!


Post by. Cindy Lanovia K

By cindylanovia


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