Dead, poet society

DEAD POETS SOCIETY (Study from movie Reflection)

Death, poet society

Hunting the first time to celebrate their death poet society

“I want to teach because I love teaching.” Very rarely do these words sounding by many teachers in the world. Being a teacher is a choice. Options for a very strong dedication, which is to teach and educate young students with the heart. It’s what is inside “Keating”. He managed to inspire their students and even spectators watching the action. Although it is just a movie but I am sure there are also teachers who action similar like “keating” does.. It is not easy to teach with heart. So do I. After passing the first practicum, mental, spirit that once blazed a teacher now quenched. I’m afraid of becoming a teacher. What am I afraid of? I fear I will not be able to educate them according to what God wants. I’m afraid can not give science well, my fear of failure as a teacher. Especially after watching this film, my fears were not decreased even increased. I can not be afraid to be myself.

Keating was so great and able to attract the attention of students. Keating was so great to motivate students and have a lot of techniques to encourage them.

Great new teacher could get student attention with some different method

Great new teacher could get student attention with some different method

Myself also was amazed to see it. I even thought trying to imitate the style and the way he interacts with his students. But that’s not me. I can not be like him, because I am not him. I’m afraid can not give anything to the students and just eat unearned. I wanted to be a teacher who is really competent, master content, has a heart for teaching, inspiration, and a true motivator for students, and transform students in many aspects. But could I? I’m not sure of that. I know that God Himself said “You do everything you can and let me do the rest.” Despite this difficult, but I will still try to continue in education. I need to learn more and more. Learning how to be a real teacher. There are many things I can learn from Keating about how he managed the class, how he applies a variety of methods and strategies in teaching. The first strategy that I catch the first attention to students with a unique style. Furthermore Keating most of all were apply contextual learning methods. Keating was dare to take steps to a change despite the fact that almost no way of teaching in line with the curriculum that is run by the school.

By. CindyLanovia


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